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Second Annual Jewelry Appraisal Forum
February 7, 2013

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MasterValuer™ International hosted the Second Annual Jewelry Appraisal Forum during the 2013 Tucson AGTA Gem Fair. Appraisal industry experts gathered together as an open panel to discuss appraisal procedures and practices involved in their particular appraisal practices. As expected, discussions were active and brought up subjects that created much discussion. Audience questions and participation was invited and lively.The panel of experts was as follows:

  • Stuart Robertson , Research Director, GemWorld International
  • Joe Tenhagen - Independent Appraiser, Miami, Florida
  • Gail Brett Levine, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers
  • Nancy Stacy, Master Gemologist Appraiser - Jewels by Stacy Appraisals
  • Craig Lynch - Oueller & Lynch Jewelry Appraisers

Among the subjects discussed were:

  • Starting and maintaining an idependent appraisal business
  • Provenance
  • Gems and Jewelry for Investment

Pictures from the Forum -

Our Panel of Experts
Many Appraisers Came to Hear and participate
Craig Lynch
Moderated by Dee Rouse Huth
Nancy Stacy
Joe Tenhagen
Gail Brett Levine
Stuart Robertson
Making A Point
Active and Lively Audience Participation

MasterValuer™International and the California Institute of Jewelry Training sincerely thank the panel of appraisal experts and the audience for making this forum a success. This is the second of many round-table panel discussions to be held at Tucson every year. See you next year!



The Master Valuer program residence classes and future workshops will be conducted at the California Institute of Jewelry Training, University of South Florida, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, Canada. Additional international classes are offered in Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden and China. More to come!!!


The MasterValuer™ jewelry appraisal program does not support jewelry appraisals that claim gemstones or jewelry to be sold for the purpose of investment. This is not to say that said appraiser is not qualified or capable of appraising properly, it is to say that it is the opinion of MV that a larger percentage of this type "investment" gemstone is commonly questionable and we as an organization of jewelry appraisal professionals do not support this practice.

Please understand that a Registered MasterValuer™ who would advertise as a reseller of "investment stones" cannot use the RMV credential as any basis for said appraisal. This is a "buyer beware" announcement. For information, contact Dee Rouse Huth - 800-731-1122.