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Testimonials from our
MasterValuer™ students
The download has been very easy on both my IPad and computer making it easy for me to squeeze in a study session anywhere and everywhere.
Lilyan S......

Sonya is very knowledgeable and has so much experience as an appraiser and goldsmith. It was good to receive specific information about Canadian laws/regulations and the marketplace.
Duncan Parker's talk on the auction market was very useful.
It was great to meet and talk with the other people taking the course - we could pick each others brain.
Anne S.......

I had a fabulous time! Sonya shared many of her practical and real life experiences with appraisals.
I had a great time meeting with other students from North America.
Eldwin W.....
I am so grateful for this course. I have learned so much and feel confident in my ability to give an accurate appraisal.
Thank you for offering this course.
Briana B......
Atmosphere was studious but cordial, firm but friendly. No question was to trivial and I learned from everyone. I learned much more than I expected. Nancy went above and beyond.
Heather D.......
I learned much more than expected. The class has encouraged me to complete the MV program.
Nancy was an excellent expert in appraising and has developed outstanding tools for appraising. She could give examples of any question.
Carol S.......
The atmosphere here is absolutely lovely. I truly loved the size of the class. I feel like I was able to ask all of the questions that I needed answered. I was very comfortable doing so. In general I think this course will/has answered a lot of the questions I've had on theory and will make the appraisals I do at home a lot better as a result of it.
Laura K........