The MasterValuer Program
Carmichael, CA 95608
Tel: (800)731-1122
(916) 967-2211

The Master Valuer Program Staff

MasterValuer International
Dee Rouse Huth
Executive Director
MasterValuer International
Mel Huth, FCGmA
Vice President
Donna Hawrelko, FCGmA, FGA
Vancouver Community College
President - Canadian Gemmological Association
Toronto, ON Canada
Canadian Gemmological Association
Karen Howard, FCGmA, RMV
Chief Instructor
George Brown College
Toronto, ON Canada
Lee R. Rock, FCGmA, RMV, CDG - HRD
Distance Learning Tutor
Ryan Petrozello, FGA, DGA, RMV
Tiffany's New York
Ryan has been the Distance Learning Tutor for over 5 years.
Veterans with the MV Program

Nancy Stacy, ASA
Independent Appraiser

Nancy has taught many of the past MasterValuer 3-day Practical Workshops.

Lois Bouchard, GG, RMV
Workshop Instructor Southeast USA
Sonya Sanders, GG, RMV
Workshop Instructor
Derek Jackson, FCGmA, RMV