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Ryan J. Petrozello
G.G., F.G.A., D.G.A., R.M.V.
Distance Education Tutor for students
in the US and abroad.

MV Workshop - Toronto
with Sonya Sanders
MV Workshop - Toronto
with Sonya Sanders
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MasterValuer™ Resident Course
Spring/Summer 2017
Call (800) 731-1122 (toll free) to enroll

MasterValuer™ 3-day Workshops

Fall 2017 and 2018 workshops are being planned. Stay tuned for specific dates to be announced soon.

3-day MasterValuer Workshops

MasterValuer™ Headquarters
Call (800) 731-1122 (toll free) for dates

2017 dates - Soon to be announced

Canadian Gemmological Association
An Authorized MV Teacher Center

Resident MV Course started August 2016
55 Queen Street East
Lower Concourse, #105
Toronto, ON Canada M5C 1R6
(647) 466-2436
Resident Classes scheduled

Evening Courses
Wednesday evenings
September 6, 2017 started

Contact Karen Howard
or Joanne

3-day workshops will soon be scheduled in Toronto at CGA Headquarters

CGA Website


MasterValuer™ Resident Courses 2017

Vancouver Community College
Vancouver, BC, Canada
is an Authorized Teaching Center ( ATC)


Resident MV Course
Started September 2016

5 RMV Graduates

3-day MasterValuer™ Workshops to be scheduled soon
Call for dates
Contact: Donna Hawrelko
1-604-871-7000 Ext 8674
or MV HQ - 1-800-731-1122

Toll free in Canada and U.S.: 1.866.565.7820

MasterValuer™ Korea
South Korea (Korean)
Hong Kong and Singapore

Past Workshops, Classes & Activities

MasterValuer Teaching Centers

The Master Valuer program in jewelry appraisal studies was the only widely available course of its type when developed and introduced by Anna Miller. Up until its debut, appraisal education was restricted to offerings by private appraisal organizations. Though Anna Miller passed away early in 2003, her legacy of high-quality education through the Master Valuer program will continue.

The Master Valuer Program is taught in many countries, including Canada, England, Sweden, Korea, Hong Kong, China and Singapore. It has also been translated into French, Korean and Chinese. In the United States, the Master Valuer Program will now be taught exclusively through the California Institute of Jewelry Training in Sacramento--both in residence and through distance education.

Anna Miller's books continue to remain popular classics with aspiring and experienced jewelry appraisers alike. Now is 3rd and 4th editions, the industry depends stongly on her works and the MasterValuer™ course.

We keep everyone informed of periodic updates and news concerning the MV program. We invite all Master Valuer graduates to provide us with their current contact information.

The Master Valuer program residence classes and workshops will be conducted at the California Institute of Jewelry Training and Vancouver, Canada. Additional international classes are offered in Korea, Hong Kong, Sweden and China.


The MasterValuer™ jewelry appraisal program does not support jewelry appraisals that claim gemstones or jewelry to be sold for the purpose of investment? This is not to say that said appraiser is not qualified or capable of appraising properly; it is to say that it is the opinion of MasterValuer™ International that a larger percentage of this type "investment" gemstone is commonly questionable and we as an organization of jewelry appraisal professionals do not support this practice.

Please understand that a Registered MasterValuer™ who would advertise as a reseller of "investment stones" cannot use the RMV credential as any basis for said appraisal. This is a "buyer beware" announcement. For information, contact Dee Rouse Huth - 800-731-1122.